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Sports Medicine
“The first thing I do is talk to my patients. I ask them about their injury and their sport. We determine the extent of their injury and then may splint and/or ice their injury, give them crutches and a brace. If it looks like a meniscus tear or even worse, we order an MRI quickly. We’ll take care of everything; we will fix the problem – whatever it is.” – Dr. Romano

Personal fitness as a key to better health has become mainstream. Participation in sports of all kinds has become almost a national obsession and requires commitment and dedication. Sports Medicine has grown in importance as yesterday’s couch potato has become today’s highly motivated weekend (or even weekday) warrior.

But when participating in any sport, there are risks, including fractures, concussions, and sprains. We see and take care of a lot of athletes – they’re very competitive and very motivated to get back to their sports right away.

We recognize the passion you feel for your sport and we share it too. Romano Orthopaedic Center serves as the orthopaedic sports medicine specialist for sports teams at Fenwick and Guerin Prep High Schools and Dominican University. We have done extensive work with the University of Notre Dame and their athletic programs, and have helped professional athletes along the way as well.

Whether it is a meniscus tear, an ACL tear, or a shoulder injury – when injuries and accidents happen, both on the field and off – our focus is to get you “back in the game” as quickly and as safely as possible.

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