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SacroiliitisWhat is Sacroiliitis?

Sacroiliitis is an uncomfortable and painful condition that results from inflammation of the joint in your lower back where the pelvis meets the spine. The sacroiliac joint is located on either side of the sacrum and is prone to irritation over time from exercise, age, and disease.

Common Symptoms:

Sacroiliitis often causes discomfort as you go about your everyday routine. Rolling over in bed, walking, or sitting can all cause pain from sacroiliitis. Additional symptoms include:

  • Pain in buttocks and lower back
  • Pain that extends down your leg
  • Pain worsens with prolonged sitting, standing, or climbing stairs

Common Causes:

Though there are numerous causes for sacroiliitis, it is most common in older adults and is often the result of:

  • Trauma
  • Arthiritis
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Repetitive Stress

Associated symptoms:

Though pain in the direct area around your sacroiliac joint is the most common symptoms, you may also experience the following as a result of sacroiliitis:

  • Pain and weakness of the neck, shoulder, and/or elbow
  • Stiffness of the neck, shoulder, and/or elbow
  • Loss of stability and balance


This uncomfortable condition is something that we treat seriously at the Romano Orthopaedic Center. Though we will work with you to find the best treatments for your individual case and needs, common treatments for sacroiliitis include:

  • Aggressive stretching and strengthening program
  • Physical therapy
  • SI joint injections


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