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Orthopaedic Doctor

“I want to make the patient healthier in general. I care about making people well, not just fixing a specific problem. I’m interested in more natural modalities—physical therapy, sleep and nutrition—and I think patients are, too. You have to have an integrated and modern approach for that to happen, and that’s what we practice.” – Dr. Romano

At Romano Orthopaedic Center, our guiding philosophies are quite simple: Do what’s right for the patient; do our best to avoid surgery if possible; when necessary, ensure the patient has the right preparation for surgery and the right care post-surgery.

Romano Orthopaedic Center takes a holistic approach to medicine and patient care. We specialize in Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine and a number of other disciplines. For over 20 years, we have taken care of general orthopaedic ailments for the Greater Chicago area, from kids to the elderly.

We always take the time to make sure we completely understand the unique circumstances and situation of our patients. We treat the obvious problem, but if the source of the pain is elsewhere, we will address that as well. We use cutting-edge technology in our surgical procedures, and ensure that every patient receives the highest quality orthopaedic care.

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