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“There’s an art to medicine, in addition to science. When it comes to surgery, we try to find the right time to do it; not too soon and definitely not too late.”

To anyone hoping to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, three of the most critical parts of the body are the knee, shoulder, and hip joints. Together, they provide the range of movement necessary for work, sports, and everyday living.

Each involves a complex architecture blending bone, ligament, and cartilage, with everything working together to provide power and endurance for activities such as running, jumping, and throwing.

But complexity means a sudden fall or collision, or the stress of continuous repetitive movement, can lead to painful discomfort and even injury. When tissues tear or break down, some kind of professional medical intervention becomes necessary.

Even though we specialize in Orthopaedic Surgery, we always see what can be accomplished through medication, therapy, and rehabilitation first. Quite often these steps, combined with rest and proper nutrition, can enable you to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle without surgery.

However, when the need for surgery becomes clear, we take whatever steps necessary – using the latest, cutting edge technology and methods – to get your body working as it should in the fastest, safest manner possible.

Dr. Peter McQueen – Shoulder Injury

Dr. Romano – Arthritis in the Knee

Dr. Peter McQueen – Shoulder Surgery Technology

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