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“Through our testing, we can screen your balance and identify your fall risk. If we find that you are at risk of falling, we may be able identify any underlying causes and help reverse it. We will also set you up with therapy to reduce that risk and improve your balance. And you can see real improvement immediately.” – Dr. Romano

As we age, the risk of falling from loss of balance becomes an increasing matter of concern. Of adults over 65, it’s estimated that one-in-three will experience and suffer from some kind of fall every year.

These falls – and the injuries that occur as a result – can cause lingering health issues and even death.

That’s why we recommend a multi-faceted approach that involves the use of Autonomic Neuro-Muscular Reflex Testing (ANMRT) to check for any muscle or nerve imbalance.

The older we are, the less we can compensate for such imbalance, thus, we fall or misstep, breaking bones and tearing ligaments. That’s why we believe it is so important to diagnose any underlying problems and to prevent future injuries.

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