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“I’ve been diagnosing and treating concussions for sports teams for years, before the well-publicized NFL concussion protocol was in place.  I set the injured party up with a concussion program and they all take a test. I’ve been really strict with concussions. That’s not conventional orthopaedics, but I’m experienced and passionate about this, which is why people come to me for concussions.” – Dr. Romano

In recent years, the topic of concussions and professional sports has attracted numerous headlines.

A concussion occurs when the head strikes something, is struck by something, or in some cases experiences sudden, rapid motion (such as in a car accident when the head snaps forward). These kinds of factors can damage the brain, resulting in a concussion.

Because they can be difficult to easily recognize, accurate statistics can be hard to come by – but some estimates put the rate of head concussions to be 6 (or more) per 1000 people. The major warning signs for a concussion include:

• Headache
• Nausea or Vomiting
• Balance Problems / Dizziness
• Double or Blurry Vision
• Sensitivity to Light or Noise
• Confusion
• Forgetfulness
• Behavioral changes
• Even loss of consciousness

If you or someone you know experiences any of these symptoms after some kind of head trauma, please call us immediately.

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