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Bone Fracture

“When someone comes in with a fracture, I’m going to treat the problem as well as check for osteoporosis. To do this we’ll check their Vitamin D level and schedule a bone density test. We also will make sure they follow a good nutritional diet with plenty of calcium. If we suspect a balance problem, we will work to correct the issue to prevent future injuries. We are always thinking about the patient’s long term health and well-being.” – Dr. Romano

Accidents happen – and sometimes when they do, painful fractures occur. Whether it’s a relatively minor event, such as a hairline fracture, or something more major – hip fracture, multiple broken trauma… you’re almost certainly dealing with significant discomfort, pain, and frustration over lost functionality.

The first step is to deal with the immediate situation and to begin the healing process as quickly as possible. Our goal is to get you taken care of and on the road to recovery as quickly and wisely as possible – with minimal interruption to your schedule and your life.

In addition, we’ll look to see whether other contributing factors are involved – such as balance issues, osteoporosis, nutrition, and more.

Our goal is to not only take care of today’s problem, but to also do what we can to help prevent similar events from occurring in the future.

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