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“A unique thing about my knee arthroscopies is that I do everything under local anesthetics. You can watch the procedure on the monitor along with me. You can see the injury and watch the repair. It’s cooler than the Discovery Channel. What really is significant is that you’re up right after the procedure. You don’t have to wake up from the anesthesia. There is no nausea. You just get up and walk out. Most of my patients never need crutches.“ – Dr. Romano

With arthroscopy, we can perform advanced surgery without invasive procedures. In fact, even with something as complicated as knee surgeries, we only need to make a few small incisions to perform the entire examination and repair.

Arthroscopy can be used to diagnose and treat a variety of orthopaedic conditions – including fixing torn rotator cuffs, reconstructing ACL tears and repairing torn/damaged cartilage (such as the meniscus).

The main benefit of using Arthroscopy – particularly for knee and shoulder surgery – is that you don’t have to make large incisions to open up the knee or shoulder. This speeds up recovery time and there is less overall trauma involved with the entire process.

Athletes, professional and amateur alike, appreciate the shorter healing time associated with arthroscopic surgery – enabling them to get “back in the game” more quickly and safely.

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