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“We see a lot of rotator cuff injuries, which can be extremely painful even while doing everyday activities like reaching above your head. We always try and determine whether it is a partial tear, and if therapy is a better route.” – Dr. Romano

Discomfort can exist from the front and side of your upper shoulder –even making it hard to sleep on that side.

The Rotator Cuff consists of four muscles along the shoulder – an injury may result from irritation or simply overuse. Typically, it’s the tendons, not the muscles themselves, which are the problem. And it’s not always just your shoulder that hurts – in many cases people experience neck pain as a result of the body using other muscles to compensate.

Surgery can be used to repair a torn rotator cuff tendon by re-attaching the tendon to the upper arm bone. A partial tear may involve a procedure known as debridement, which is basically a smoothing or trimming process.

Before moving ahead with rotator cuff surgery, however, we strive to give therapy a chance to work. If the pain doesn’t get better, or gets worse, then we will do the surgery. Expect to remain in a sling for about four to six weeks while doing rehabilitation. Generally, we find by three months, most can resume light duties and by six months pretty much back to full use.

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