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Romano Orthopaedic Center is proud to have had so many happy patients over the years. We understand that trips to the doctor, surgery and therapy can all be difficult.

Below are just a few stories from our patients about their experience with Romano Orthopaedic Center. You can find more at Yelp, Facebook or

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02Feb 18

David L. Robinson Jr.

On Friday, August 4, 2017 I severed my index and middle fingers of my left hand while using a circular saw. I was rushed to Mt. Sinai. They did not perform the surgery because we left my wallet (which contained my insurance card) at home, thus having no proof of insurance. Dr. 'John Doe' told us that it was a dirty wound and that the surgery could not be done. (my wonderful wife took pictures of both severed fingers) He cleaned both fingers, stitched them up and told to come back Monday, August 7th. We went back, X-rays were taken…

17May 17

Erin Power

My competitive sports career began at the age of 5 and ended at 22. Dr. Romano was my go to doctor for all sports related injuries throughout my seventeen-year career. He was always both personal and professional, providing careful examination of the injury, thorough instructions on the use of corresponding equipment (braces, crutches, etc.), and got me back on the basketball court as quickly as possible – feeling brand new.

01Apr 17

Dulce R

Had my Meniscus tear repair with Dr Victor Romano. Best Surgeon, Great Experience. Very outgoing makes you feel very comfortable. Has a great team. They all take care of everything for you before surgery. Dr Romano is very special of how your physical therapy will be taken care of. Best of all great doc great team! Highly recommended!

28Mar 17

Debi DeMario

Dr. Romano (Rocky) has been the most wonderful doctor to my teens in sports, my grandchildren and their injuries to myself with replacement parts. He is very personable, kind, compassionate, understanding and helps me understand, interested and interesting. Time is never the object in his office or at the hospital; he honestly cares. Kudos Rocky.

10Feb 17

Artie Monaco

On Saturday I had suffered a right knee meniscus tear and instantly contacted Dr. Romano because he’s the kind of doctor that makes you feel you are in good hands. He explained very thoroughly what he’ll do to get ready for surgery, how he’ll be constructing the surgery, and what things will be like after the surgery, such as when rehabilitation starts and how long will it be to reach 100%. There was no need for questions as I walked out of his office going into surgery with a smile and ended the surgery with a smile knowing everything went…

17Jan 17

Charlie Gough

Dr. Romano performed knee surgery on my knee, both ACL and meniscus 12 years ago. Since then I’ve run multiple half-marathons and triathlons, fought in over a dozen boxing matches, and did a 9 month deployment to Afghanistan with no problems. He was compassionate, professional, and gave me the results I was hoping for. I would recommend Doc Romano to anyone.

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